Advice for Improving Your WiFi Connection

If you want your wireless internet to work better then you need to improve your WiFi connection. There are a lot of things that could be in the way of the wireless signal, for instance. If you want to find out more about improving WiFi connections, read on.

If you have a cordless phone you should not use it near your WiFi router or modem. There is a certain channel on some phones that is used and it meet the same requirements as the one used by the WiFi in your home. If you noticed that whenever someone is using the phone that the WiFi turns off or has problems then that’s probably it. Just keep the base for the phone away from the modem and router and you should be fine. And, let people know that they shouldn’t be using the phone near where the router is.

If you have your router on the wrong channel then it can be very slow. Channels on a router or basically like those on TV and that some are fuzzy and some have a perfect picture. If a lot of people in your neighborhood are using the same channel you should have weighed using it too because that traffic will slow down your connection. Most newer routers have an auto setting but that’s not always best to use because everyone will set theirs to auto so yours will be slow if it picks the same channel as everyone else.

A microwave and other devices can actually cause your WiFi signal to drop. If you have, for instance, a video game console near your microwave and you always get knocked offline when you make food, the microwave is why. Try to make note of what is going on in your home whenever WiFi connection drops or has problems. Also look around your neighborhood and see if you notice anybody having the same problems as you at the same time to ask them what they have done to make it work better and see if that works for you.

Sometimes wireless Internet is slow because your internet service provider is having problems. If there is no reason for your Internet to be slow at this point in time because you’ve tried everything to speed it up, then you need to call the internet provider. They should be able to fix up the problem or they can at least reset your connection from where they are so you have a chance to connect again at a better rate. You may also find out that you just have slow internet and they want you to pay more which is up to you.

You can improve your WiFi connection if you use the tips you were just given. There are so many different things that can get in the way of a good signal that you need to be aware of them. Whether you want to use your WiFi for gaming or work, you’re going to want it to work well.